An Archive of 59 Breathing Techniques
An Archive of 59 Breathing Techniques

An Archive of 59 Breathing Techniques

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What James Nestor said about our methodology

What James Nestor said about our methodology

"I’ve come to meet DeRose because after all this research, after so many years of reading books, I’ve still got questions.
DeRose supposedly knows all about it, he’s written 30 books on the oldest forms of yoga and breathing."

"DeRose studies and teaches an ancient practice, vastly different from yoga at neighbourhood studios."

James Nestor, author of Breath - The New Science of a Lost Art


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Sensify is the perfect place to practice breathwork, meditation and yoga with real experts in the area. Any time, anywhere. Also you can cancel at any time you want.

We use the renowned DeRose Meditation methodology, practiced by over 14,000 people around the world. Public figures the world over, from the arts to athletics, have fallen in love with its teachings.

Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1960, DeRose Meditation is a powerful fusion of techniques that transcend the boundaries of time and culture. By incorporating physical elements, ancient breathing techniques, and meditation practices, this approach offers a comprehensive path to personal evolution. Whether you seek heightened self-awareness, stress management tools, or a profound connection with your inner self, DeRose Meditation empowers you to unlock your true potential.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to deepen your understanding of breathwork, meditation and yoga embarking on a transformative journey guided by Paulo Pacifici and Stephanie Powell. By subscribing, you will be among the select group of students who will receive knowledge of this life-changing program, as well as exclusive discounts. 

Embrace the power of breath to unlock your true potential and experience personal growth and well-being like never before. Join us on this remarkable path and embark on a profound exploration of the self through the art of conscious breathing.